Most hospitals carry thousands of different pharmaceutical preparations. Other health care facilities including individual pharmacies carry hundreds of them, as well as many compounding chemicals. The Resource and Recovery Act (RCRA) requires some of these must be treated as hazardous waste and are therefore subject to regulations for transport and disposal. Hundreds of others are not regulated but may possess chemical characteristics that could have an adverse effect on people and the environment.

The vast majority of hospitals, individual pharmacies and other health care facilities do not have a program in place to manage, store, and dispose of their RCRA hazardous drug waste. Most do not even know which drugs in their formulary possess hazardous characteristics, and have no way of assigning them to the appropriate waste stream.

Niatrox is a full service provider of customized solutions for managing pharmaceutical waste. We offer comprehensive compliance solutions to facilities ranging in scope from large scale health systems to individual doctor’s offices. Our programs can be tailored specifically to your facility’s requirements and budget.

Since 2005, Niatrox has been diligent in delivering solutions which drive toward compliance with state and federal regulations. We have serviced leading hospitals and health care systems with concise risk-assessment reports, compliance and audit guidance, and cost-effective advice and services. We specialize in both project and ongoing development and change activities.

Niatrox performs an analysis of your pharmaceutical purchases and organizes them into a hierarchy of concern, based on the level of regulation. We then provide an update of purchasing files that assists in managing hazardous pharmaceutical waste with the most up to date information available.