Niatrox will assist your facility in designing and implementing the program elements needed for an effective Pharmaceutical Waste Compliance Program.
Some of the services we offer (RCRA Requirements noted as ~):

  • Identify which pharmaceuticals in your formulary possess hazardous characteristics.~
  • Assign appropriate waste stream to hazardous pharmaceuticals.~
  • Implement a systematic procedure to identify these items.~
  • Design a segregation process for items as they become waste.~
  • Document waste quantities generated to continually confirm EPA Generator status.~
  • Pharmaceutical waste compliance program training materials.
  • Assist in soliciting and selecting a licensed waste transporter.~
    (RCRA requires transfer of sorted waste to a licensed hazardous waste transporter)
  • Order DOT compliant hazardous and non hazardous waste disposal containers.
  • Documented pickup, transportation and disposal services from customer sites.*
  • Internal labeling systems.
  • Annual compliance survey and site audit.


*Pharmaceutical (or Rx) waste is then managed as a waste stream distinct from Regulated Medical Waste, Sharps, or Solid Waste. Wastes that are highly volatile, either chemically or environmentally, are always kept separate from each other and are incinerated in separate processes. Items with a potentially adverse impact on people and the environment are transported to an incinerator by licensed drivers safely and securely. Arrangements are then made for all RX wastes to be incinerated at regulated temperatures to eliminate their potential to damage our environment. We will ensure that the items are destroyed safely and efficiently, and nothing harmful is ever deposited in a landfill or disposed in our water. All of this activity is done with an eye to maintaining compliance while continually seeking to lower costs.