Simon Tanner leads our consulting services and has been involved with pharmaceutical inventory management for ten years. He has experience in both the private and public sector in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical distribution, retail pharmacy, and acute care pharmacy.

An experienced process facilitator, Simon has led numerous strategic initiatives and planning processes with our clients, often working with clients through to the development and implementation of operational plans for the appropriate management of pharmaceutical wastes.

The Niatrox team has extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of concise, customized, cost- effective pharmaceutical waste management solutions for every type of organization that handles pharmaceutical products. He also specializes in the review, design and implementation of performance management processes.

Niatrox has been there for our customers during various state level environmental audits.  Assisting hospital customers through what can be a difficult process and working with state regulators to develop compliant processes that satisfy state and federal rules is what we do best.

Simon Tanner speaking at the 2010 ALSHP Convention